Photography Gallery

The images we produce are of sufficient quality for virtually any use, including high-quality prints.  In example, a full-sized, edited photo of a Morgan dollar is typically around 17MB's, and around 3000x6000 pixels.  Feel free to view the coins we have for sale, the images are our own work. The gallery contains images from our personal collections as well as coins imaged for others and shared with their permission.

We strive to have our images represent what the coin actually looks like, in-hand, in a well-lit room.  Far too many photographers pump up the saturation and mess with the color levels on their photos to give the coins an excessive appearance compared to holding it in your hand.  This is commonly referred to as "juicing" the image. In our opinion, this practice is both unethical and unprofessional. Thus, we want our images to be the closest thing to holding the coin in your hands.